Welcome to the Bible ABC's T.V. shows offered by the Star Family Ministries/Heartclub for Kids. Created by the Star Family Singers and friends over a period of several years under the sponsorship of the late Eldred Thomas of KLTJ Studios in Houston, Texas.

Please take a moment to view any of the episodes by clicking the appropriate letter block. Each program is approximately 30 minutes long and will open in a new window, so please check to make sure your pop-up blocker is off.

Using visuals, puppets, songs and stories, we will be learning the individual letter sounds of the English alphabet in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. To date we have completed 21 of the necessary 33 programs. As funds allow, we will be posting and recording more programs in this series.

Saul's Armor

If you would like to be a part of this unique inspirational/educational project we would be grateful for your participation. All donations are tax deductable. No one receives a salary or remuneration for their participation in any of these shows as all producers, directors, guests freely volunteer their time and talent.

Bible Book

If you would like to order any of the shows-- They are available on DVD or VHS for a donation of $10 per program, which includes shipping and handling within the US. The Bible Alphabet Color Book and CD are also available for a $20 donation. We have a Bible Alphabet Teacher's Manual available for a donation of $80. You may contact us at starfamilysingers@yahoo.com or visit us at www.heartclub.com.

If you enjoyed the episodes above and would like to see more of these programs, we would
appreciate your support. You may use the link below to contribute to our mission. Thank You!